Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Hodgson Mill Gluten Free Cake Mix Cupcakes

It was pretty easy to make. Bag of cake mix, couple eggs, some vanilla, and I decided to add some chocolate chips. The batter was still lumpy, and I found there was no way to beat ALL the lumps out.

I made a dozen regular sized cupcakes and 5 mini ones with the leftover batter.
They turned out pretty good, I used white fluffy icing and sprinkles. There was no real chalky flavor which so many gluten free cakes have. They wern't very sweet though, so I would certainly not reccomend making them without the extra chocolate chips, or they wont have a whole lot of flavor.

3/5 stars for this one. I mean, you could tell they were gluten free, but they still were pretty tasty.

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  1. hiiiiii laura
    likes ur cupcakes
    likes ur blog name ;)

    next time we have a nails party you can take pics and post about it!